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Artist Samantha Churchill was born in Maine and graduated from Maine College of Art after studying

abroad in Italy, where she obtained a B.F.A. in Sculpture. 

The artist moved to Tampa in 2007, where she came into

possession of conduit wire from a then under high construction rise in downtown, and she has

been making hand-manipulated wire sculptures ever since.

Samantha started exhibiting professionally and has been part of individual and group art shows in the Tampa Bay area. The artist has been involved with local public art projects such as Artloud! Downtown sculpture installation and a trolley car public works project in  Saint Petersburg, Florida, Chelsea, New York City, Red Dot Art Fair, The

Design District & Wynwood Miami, San Diego, Portland, Maine, and Seattle. 

We would love to highlight Samantha's art solo exhibition in the Wannabee Gallery Milan, Italy 2008. 

Her work has been published in two collections, among others, "An Opulent Tableau of Essence" 2011 and " The Sugar Skulls of Día de Los Muertos, A Celebration of Life" 2018.

The artist started creating several Tarot pieces of artwork. The Hierophant is part of The Tarot Project 2021-2021 by Floridian artists.  



We are thrilled to have Timothy Raines among our artists participating in the art show The Tarot Project in Tampa this September 9, 5:30pm (year 2022) at Carrollwood Cultural Center.

Check  Timothy Raines' artwork as is a "Unique, edgy and abstract interpretation of the world's most exotic and luxurious automotive brands, motorsport events, and teams."



Maker Connector Dancin’ queen Wants to live by the sea Cephalo podiatrist Ice Cream Cats

I wanted to be an artist from the moment I first held a crayon. I have lived many lives since then.

Unfortunately, art has not always been my primary focus. Like a superpower, creativity has always come

back to rescue me from the darkest of places. The types of imagery I use is often surreal. The colors of

the sea and sky influence my work. For my palette, I find myself selecting blues, greens with contrasting

pops of red. The themes I choose often depict the inner struggle of finding authenticity, purpose and

connecting to a higher self. Lately I find myself painting on clothing as a canvas. I love seeing my

creations being worn as someone else’s personal expression. It’s a kind of co-collaboration.

The idea for The Tower painting came from a dream I had after a difficult time in my life. The dream was

about a sandcastle being eroded by the incoming tide. The life I had was going with each lapping wave.

In this depiction, a child has left their bucket and shovel on a beach after day of play. A towering

sandcastle is forgotten as the imaginary world begins to be washed away.

A bolt of lightning slashes through a strange and stormy sky to strike at the tower made of sand. At the

same time, an ocean wave beats at its foundation as the tower begins to topple. A crow flying overhead

steals a gold band symbolizing lost dreams of wealth or perhaps young love. Two ghostly figures fall

from their castle to certain doom. Their sandcastle dream has come to an end.

The Tower card in the tarot is often read as sudden change or disaster. It predicts destruction, upheaval,

or loss. Though this card is sometimes feared, the upside to receiving this message is the potential for

personal growth and a chance to create something new. When childish fantasies are struck down, it is

then that something more solid and sustainable can be built. Just like the sandcastle, our ideas of what

we think life should be, inevitably crumbles because it is not meant to be a permanent dwelling place.

The universe invites you to let go, surrender to the elements of change, and embrace the possibilities.

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