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Malek, was born in Dubai to a Spanish mother and a Moroccan father. Always with one foot in the East and another in the West, he grew up in Casablanca. Between the ages 18 and 30 years he lived in Dublin, London and Madrid.

In 2014, while on the way of St. James, Malek had mystical experiences that turned his life around 180 degrees and prompted him to write his first book: “LO CU RA MÍSTICA. Metaphors and Pillars of a Life. Mundus” which in turn inspired him to release his first deck:“ LO CU RA MÍSTICA Tarot ”.

Indefatigable traveler, citizen of the world, Malek loves to satisfy his curiosity deciphering the mysteries of life and decode the mysteries of the Universe and spirituality, to which he dedicates his wonderful texts in both prose and verse. Although he is a polyglot, his texts speak in the language of emotions, reflections and sincerity.

Computer engineer, poet and writer on an earthly level.

On a spiritual level, he is a Tarologist, Akashic Records Facilitator, Reiki Master, psychodescodification therapist, Regressive Hypnosis Practitioner and Emotional Freedom Technique.

Beside teaching spiritual tools, he participated as lecturer in various international Tarot events.

LO CU RA Mística synopsis:

By way of stories, Malek tells of his different spiritual experiences marked by the return of Saturn. He will take you on a fantastic journey between Madrid, Casablanca, Dubai, Dublin, London, the spiritual world and the Tarot.

In the first part of this book "Metaphors of a Life", the author captivates us with his wonderful anecdotes full of magic in each of his stories in verse and prose. He tells us about his life and together with him we will live exciting stories where we will learn valuable lessons in stories such as The Law of the Mirror, Time, Love, Dialogues Between I's, etc. It also shows us beauty and love through poetry dedicated to the Universe, to a Stranger, to Mother Earth ...

In the second part "Pillars of a life", the author connects us with the twenty-two Major Arcana of the Tarot and each one of them, as if they were someone very close to us, entrusts us with their personal history, their way of seeing life and his philosophy, drawing us closer to his world and continually inviting us to reflect on every aspect of life, in order that we become more conscious and full beings. Also through them we can know without complexities the various spiritual tools such as Numerology, Law of Attraction, Chromotherapy, Crystal Therapy, Akashic Records, Reiki, Kabbalah, Astrology, Hoponopono, Transgenerational, Angeology, Tantra, Hermetic Laws, Mudra, Karma, etc.

This wonderful work is full of life, because each text is directed to our heart, connecting us with our emotions and putting our feelings to the surface because it manages to touch our soul and move us in a deep way, allowing us to manifest love, happiness, laughter through funny situations, frown with reflections or perhaps shed a tear. The idea is that we can raise our vibration, return to our center and recognize our own divinity.

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